Website Analytics

With website analytics, Oceans Edge Media is able to track and understand your online presence. We analyze website data in order to gain insights into your website visitors’ behavior, demographics, and interests. Knowing what your visitors are doing, liking, and not liking enables us to make strategic plans for ad campaigns, identify areas of improvement, optimize user experiences, optimize products, and more. Oceans Edge Media utilizes some of the best tools on the market in order to show you exactly what is working and not working on your website. Take a look below to see exactly what our suite of tools can do for you and your business.


Google Analytics

We install the code snippets for Google Analytics onto each of our websites, but we don’t stop there! We tailor reports for each of our data clients to analyze their weekly website data. This allows us to track goals, conversions, demographics, audience, landing pages, and so much more. Google Analytics can be overwhelming for the average user, let us tailor reports for you to see the details you need to make data-driven business decisions. Each report can be customized to showcase your top pages, the top ways people found your website (referrals), and much more.  

Moz Pro

Oceans Edge Media utilizes Moz Pro for any client who purchases our analytical data packages. Moz Pro allows us to track Keywords, Competitors, Top Landing Pages, Search Visibility, Keyword/Content Opportunities, and much more. With Moz Pro, we run weekly crawls on your website to ensure each page is optimized for Search Engines, using best practices, and accessible to any audience. 

Moz Pro releases weekly Ranking reports showing you real movement on how you rank within popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Let us start tracking your website and improve your rankings!


Facebook Meta Suite

At Oceans Edge Media, we measure the performance of your Facebook and Instagram accounts! With Meta Suite, we are able to get a comprehensive overview of key metrics like your page reach, engagement, and conversions. We can then make data-driven decisions to improve your social media presence and increase revenue. We can track and compare your social media pages to your competitors as well to take advantage of your market. Understanding your audience, their needs, and their behaviors is incredibly important. Oceans Edge Media can help you make informed decisions to improve your social media presence and drive more sales.

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